Where To Buy Electronic Components in India

Where To Buy Electronic Components in India – Online and Offline @ Best Price.

Here is a Genuine List of Companies from Where you can Buy Electronic Components in India Online and Offline @ Best Price.

List of Top 10 Companies from Where You can Buy Electronic Components in India Online or Offline

S# Company   Electronic Components
1. Ruttonsha International Rectifier : Semiconductor Devices & Modules
2. Cosmo Ferrites : Soft Ferrites, E Cores, I Cores,
3. Gujarat POLY Electronics Ltd : Active and Passive Electronic Components, Different Types of Capacitors
4. Incap Limited : Radial Capacitors
5. 3M India : CMP, Cushioning and Polishing Materials, Electronics Films & Tapes, Interconnect Products, Specialty Fluids
6. TDK India : Different Types of Capacitors, Ferrite Cores
7. Vishay Components India Pvt Ltd : Semiconductors, Diodes, MOSFETS, Optoelectronics, Resistors, Inductors and Capacitors.
8. Tibrewala Electronics Ltd : Different Types of Capacitors
9. Deki Electronics Ltd : Different Types of Capacitors
10. Alcon Electronics Pvt Ltd : Different Types of Capacitors, Custom Modules

Where To Buy Electronic Components in India

These companies are either Manufacturer, Distributor or Dealer & Supplier of Both Active and Passive Electronic Components and Thru-Hole and SMD Components including – Basic Electronic Components like – Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, Semiconductor ICs, Microcontroller ICs, Relays, Heat Sink, Plugs and Connectors, Mechanical Switches, LED, Fuse, PCB Adapter, Sensors etc.

1. Ruttonsha International Rectifier

Manufacturer and suppliers of high quality Power Semiconductors. Their Product Range includes:

  • Semiconductor Devices: Phase Control Thyristors, Inverter Grade Thyristors, Standard Recovery Diodes, Fast Recovery Diodes.
  • Semiconductor Modules: High Voltage Modules, Diode Bridge Rectifier, Diode Bridge Modules
    IGBT Module, Power Modules.
  • Equipment: Power Rectifier, Battery Charger, Stacks & Assemblies
  • Website

2. Cosmo Ferrites

One of the leading manufacturer and exporter of soft ferrites. Their Product Range includes:

  • Soft Ferrites: For Lighting, Power Conditioning, Solar Energy and Automotive Industry
  • E Cores
  • I Cores
  • Website

3. Gujarat POLY Electronics Limited (GPEL)

GPEL is one of the largest manufacturer and supplier of Capacitors and Varistors in India. The company deals in:

  • Active and Passive Electronic Components
  • Different Types of Capacitors – Ceramic Capacitors of Single Layer (Disc) and Multilayer (MLCC) in Both Thru-Hole (Axial and Radial)
  • SMD Capacitors
  • Diodes
  • Website

4. Incap Limited

Leading manufacturers of Radial Capacitors in India including:

  • Radial Capacitors
  • Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Motor Start Capacitors
  • LUG Terminal Capacitors
  • Professional Screw Terminal Capacitors
  • Website

5. 3M India

3M Electronics Materials & Components include:

  • CMP Materials
  • Cushioning Materials
  • Electronics Films & Tapes
  • Electronics Polishing Materials
  • Interconnect Products
  • Specialty Fluids
  • Website

6. TDK India

TDK India designs, manufactures and markets of a broad range of electronic components and systems, including:

  • AC film capacitors
  • Low-voltage (LV) power factor correction capacitors (resin, inert gas and oil-filled designs)
  • PFC systems (APFC panels) and key components for PFC systems
  • Medium-voltage (MV) capacitors, capacitor contractors and reactive power compensation systems
  • Power electronic capacitors
  • DC film capacitors
  • High-performance ferrite cores
  • Website

7. Vishay Components India Pvt Ltd

Manufacturer and suppliers of:

8. Tibrewala Electronics Ltd

Tibcon Capacitors is the leading Manufacturer Of Capacitors in India. Their products include:

  • Capacitor
  • Capacitor Fan & Motor Run Capacitors
  • Submersible Pump Capacitors
  • Start Capacitors
  • PFC Capacitors
  • Air Conditioning Capacitors
  • Oil Filled Capacitors
  • Metallized Polypropylene Film
  • Lighting Capacitors, etc.
  • Website

9. Deki Electronics Ltd

One of the largest manufactures, suppliers & exporters of:

  • Film capacitors
  • Plastic film capacitors
  • Mylar capacitor
  • Pulse capacitors
  • Power capacitors
  • PP, PET capacitors.
  • Website

10. Alcon Electronics Pvt Ltd

Manufacturer and supplier of:

  • Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor
  • Power Film Capacitor
  • DC Link Capacitor
  • Custom Modules
  • Website

More Companies from Where you can Buy Electronic Components in India

  • Globe Capacitors Ltd
  • Victor Component Systems Pvt Ltd
  • Keltron Component Complex Ltd
  • BG LI-IN Electricals Ltd
  • Desai Electronics Pvt Ltd
  • Genius Electrical & Electronics Pvt Ltd
  • Watts Electronics Pvt Ltd
  • Incap Ltd
  • Solid State Systems Pvt Ltd
  • Prismatic Engineering Pvt Ltd
  • Thakor Electronics Ltd
  • Speedofer Components Pvt Ltd
  • Guardian Controls Ltd
  • Cermet Resistronics Pvt Ltd

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