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Free Basic Electronics Videos, Circuits, Components and Parts.

Here are Electronics Videos – Watch or Download Free Basic Electronics Videos, Circuits, Components and Parts, Electronics Tutorial and More.

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I have created these electronics videos fro my YouTube Channel. These Free to Watch and Download Videos are on several topics related to Electronics and Electrical – Electronics Basics, Printed Circuit Board, Electronic Circuit, Electronic Components, Devices and Parts, Soldering, Mobile Phone Repairing, PCB Assembly and More.

You are Free to Watch or Download these Videos for Personal Use only and NOT for any Commercial Use.

SMT PCB Manufacturing and Assembly Process

History of Electronics (1745-2021)

How to Convert AC to DC using Diode

Different Types of Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

Hand Soldering Tutorial

Silicon and its Uses in Electronics and Everyday Life

What is Inductor / Coil and How it Works?

What is Capacitor and How Capacitor Works

How to Read a Resistor Colour Code and Calculate Value

SMD Components for SMT

SMD Soldering Guide – How to Solder SMD Components

How to Solder Wires Together Correctly

Reflow Soldering Machine and Process

What is Battery? | How is Battery Made | Types of Batteries | How Battery Works?

Selective Soldering Machine | Selective Soldering Process | Selective Wave Soldering of Through Hole

Top 10 Electronic Components Manufacturers in the World

Active and Passive Electronic Components | Difference, Example, Function, Symbols

Basic Electronic Components and their Function

Electronic Components Symbols and Abbreviation

Top 10 Semiconductor Companies in USA

Cleanroom SOP – Cleanroom Best Practices & Behaviour – Clean Room Entry & Exit Procedure

Electronics Definition – Basic Electronics and Electrical Definition

Structure of Atom | Chemistry, Definition, Examples

Electric Current | Types of Electric Current | AC Current, DC Current

Potential Difference | What is Electric Potential Difference

Types of Electric Circuit – Series Circuit, Parallel Circuit | Define, Example, Difference

SMT PCB Assembly Process | Surface Mount Technology Manufacturing Process

PCB Manufacturing Process Steps | Step by Step Guide to PCB Manufacturing

Top 10 Solar Companies in India

SMT PCB Assembly Process

Top 10 PCB Manufacturers in USA

Best Mini Soldering Station in India – Goot PX-501

Best Electronic Tool Kit in India

Mastech MAS830L Digital Multimeter Review

Soldering Station Repairing | How to Repair Soldering Station

Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron

Heat Resistant Mat / Temperature Resistant Silicon PAD for Mobile Phone Repairing, Tablet, Laptop

How to Clean and Tin Soldering Iron Tip

Desoldering Pump Tutorial Hindi

Soldering Gun Vs Soldering Iron | What is Difference Between Soldering Iron and Soldering Gun

Best Head Magnifier with LED Light

Goot Quick Soldering Iron

Desoldering Gun | Best Portable Vacuum Suction

How to Use Soldering Station

Kilews Electric Screwdrivers Demo, Price in India

What is ESD and ESD Protection | Electrostatic Discharge

Hakko FX-888D Soldering Station Review and Demo

Hakko Soldering Iron | Review & Demo of Hakko FX-600 Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron

Lead Free Soldering Station – Goot RX-802AS

How Glue Gun Works | How to Use Glue

Solder Wire – Types of Solder Wire

Best Soldering Station in India

Best Soldering Iron in India

Mobile Phone Repairing Tools

How to Make a Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

How to Use Multimeter

Electronics Parts on Mobile Phone PCB

How To Desolder and Remove IC with Hot Air Blower

How To Reball IC

How To Jumper on PCB

How To Heat IC with Hot Air Blower

How To Solder / Replace Display / Screen of Mobile Phone

How To Desolder / Remove / Replace Display / Screen of a Mobile Phone

How To Check Ringer of a Mobile Phone with Multimeter

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